David Dix

God created a beautiful place for us to live. I enjoy photography as a way to contemplate God's creation. It makes me study, look, and think more about God's awesome power as I enjoy being outside.

Reading the Bible every day nourishes my soul and makes me truly alive. Without the Bible I would be lost in the world. Through faith alone in the work of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord, I have been called out of darkness and into His wonderful light.

Creation's Witness Photography celebrates the connection between God's creation and His Word. I am humbled and amazed by the wonder of creation and the power of God's Word. I hope that you experience the grace of God's light in your life.

Photography Equipment

In 1988 I purchased a Pentax 67 medium format film camera. In 1988 I began using a Toyo 4x5 large format film camera. Digital cameras followed with a Canon 5D2 and more recently a Canon 5DSR. I currently use prime lenses (15, 25, 35, 90, and 200 mm) which allow for wide angle to telephoto compositions.

I use Lightroom and Photoshop to create photographs representing God's amazing creation. Most images are single frame capture (one picture), some are multiple frames combined to capture a wider view, a larger range of light, or an increased depth of focus. Many of my photographs of the night sky are made by combining two images, one with the camera stationary and one with the camera rotating to follow the star movement. My desire is to present images that engage the heart and mind with the beauty, mystery, and wonder of the natural landscape.

Creation's Witness Artwork - Bible Verses

The Scripture used in Creation's Witness prints is quoted or paraphrased from public domain versions of the Bible (World English Bible, American Standard Version, Darby Translation, Young's Literal Translation, and the King James Version).

Customer Testimonials

I appreciate your photographs of God’s beautiful world, coupled with His enduring words - many of them my favorite Bible verses!

I’m a musician, playing the violin and other instruments, and would like to serve the Lord through music and leading Bible studies in my home. Your prints would add the perfect touch to my home.

I have just ordered the four prints online. They are all so beautiful! I pray that they may bring many more closer to a knowledge of our loving Lord and Savior. Thanks for using your talents to bring glory to God. I am hoping to use my music to the same end. After all, that’s what we are still here on earth for!

Thank you for the prints, which arrived yesterday. They are lovely, and I’ll work on putting them in a frame and up on the walls. May God continue to bless you and use your art for Him.

In His eternal faithfulness,
Danae Engelbrecht
Washington, DC

The "Water" print I ordered came yesterday and it is just beautiful. The quality of the paper is great and the colors are gorgeous. Thanks again for your beautiful work.

Carol Jannusch

Hello David,
My name is Tony Nolan. I wanted to write you and just encourage you about your work. I have book marked your site and everyday I go to it before I start my devotional time with our Lord. I feast on your images and soak under the water of the words you marry with them. It has proven to be quite invigorating. I am currently the Tour Pastor for Steven Curtis Chapman and Jeremy Camp. I also serve as Band Pastor for Casting Crowns. One of my responsibilities is to spiritually build these guys up. Your web site helps me do that. Just wanted you to know what kind of "print" you are leaving in our spirit! Keep that finger clicking brother!
Enjoying Jesus!
Tony Nolan

We got the prints. I framed them and we have them up already. THEY LOOK STUNNING. I love having the image to view and the Word to absorb. We will be getting more.

Enjoying Jesus!
Tony Nolan

David - just a quick note to thank you again - it came the other day and it's perfect! The internet really doesn't do justice to the real thing. It's beautiful. Blessings to you, Christy

Christy A. Bohrer
St. Robert, MO

Dear David,

Much to my surprise, on Valentine's Day, my husband handed me a strange shaped Fed Ex box as he reminded me of his tradition to give me flowers on this holiday. Flowers? In that box? Baffled, I carefully opened the box finding, to my delight, one of your gorgeous prints . . . bright lavender and golden wildflowers bursting through the cracks in barren rock.

Just that morning, I had been asking the Lord to enable me to hope in Him even in the midst of life's unexpected "curve balls". Now, gazing at your artwork, the words of Psalm 40:1-3 whispered of God's faithful love in my life!

Today, the picture came back from the frame shop. It is breathtaking! We hung it right near our front entrance, where we will pass by every time we leave or enter our home. Daily, it will remind us of what God can do to bring life to our barren hearts, and of His hope in the midst of trials. So far, I can't walk past it without standing and gazing and thanking God for the hope we have in Him.

Thank you SO much for using your gifts to exalt our Savior.

Bev Hughes

Dear David,

"Blessed" is now proudly displayed above my mantel. I picked it up from the frame shop this week and am very pleased at the way it was framed, but most importantly I am delighted with the print itself and the perfect scripture you chose for this photograph.

I know I will be ordering more prints. They give me joy and I want to pass that on to others, too.

God bless you and Creations Witness,
Eugenia Shanklin

Hi David,

We have a wall that needed just the right piece. I have shopped and considered many different things, but always kept coming back to your work and especially Created. When I showed the Pastor what I was thinking, he was delighted! I pray that many that come through the doors of this office will be ministered to by that picture, and the scripture below.

I am thrilled, as are the Pastors, with it. I do know it will minister to others souls even as it does to me on a daily basis. What a wonderful reminder of our awesome Father God!

Blessings to you!

Bonnie Arends
Administrative Assistant
Gibson City Bible Church